About This Project

Coastal Flooding and Trees


In November of 2020, STF planted 25 bald cypress (Taxodium distichum) around the property of Re:Purpose Savannah. This property was selected for a tree planting due to its proximity to marshland.


As sea levels rise due to global warming, saltwater encroaches further and further inland. While many trees can tolerate a small amount of saltwater, no tree can live in it entirely. This often results in “ghost forests”: trees that have died due to high saltwater content in the soil, and are left standing with no bark. With no living roots to help hold soil in place, soil erosion increases and the marsh encroaches further inland.


To help mitigate some of these effects and preserve this marshfront, we planted a tree species that is tolerant to saltwater: bald cypress! Bald cypress are fast-rooting tree species, and will be able to tolerate more saltwater than most tree species. As these trees grow, they will help retain soil along the marsh and slow down soil erosion.