Frequently Asked Questions

Who should I contact about having tree work performed?

First, make sure the tree is not on public property. Trees on public property are the responsibility of the respective municipality. If it is on your property, we always recommend having your tree work done by a company with an ISA Certified Arborist on staff. You can find a list of local tree care companies with arborists on staff here.

Is Savannah Tree Foundation in charge of trees in the public realm?

No. While Savannah Tree Foundation often partners with local municipalities to plant trees, once planted those trees are ultimately the responsibility of the municipal governments. If you have concerns about a street tree or a tree on public land, contact the municipality directly.

Why should I plant native tree species?

Non-native species often escape into natural areas and become invasive, where they can displace and threaten our native species. Additionally, natives can have a wide array of ecological benefits that are not always immediately apparent (food and habitat for wildlife, disease resistance, etc.).

Am I allowed to prune/cut trees in the tree lawn in front of my house?

No. The trees growing in tree lawns in the City of Savannah (the strip of green space between the sidewalk and curb) are city property, and any work to be performed on them must be done by the city. You can submit a request by calling 311 or by filling out a City Service Request Form.

Can Savannah Tree Foundation perform a tree consultation for my property?

No. We do not offer consultation services at this time. If you have questions about any trees on your property, we recommend reaching out to a local ISA Certified Arborist.

Should I top my crape myrtles?

No. It is a common myth that topping crape myrtles will cause them to flower more. Crape myrtles will flower on new growth, so just by keeping your tree healthy you can still enjoy flowers! Canopy reduction can be performed to avoid things like overhead powerlines, but this is different from topping.