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2020 State of the Trees


By tracking tree canopy changes, Savannah Tree Foundation seeks to prioritize our tree-planting programs. We’ve comissioned several canopy assessment in recent decades to help us identify areas of need in Chatham County. In 2020, for the first time, Savannah Tree Foundation performed our canopy assessment in-house. We used publicly available satellite imagery, ENVI, and ArcGIS Online to map canopy in Chatham County. 


Tracking changes over time also allows us to recognize trends affecting our canopy. For example, this year’s assessment revealed the impact of industrial construction in the deforestation of West Chatham. In our 2020 State of the Trees, we break down the canopy assessment and discuss what the results mean for our urban forest.


Watch the video to learn more or delve into the results via our ArcGIS page!